Next Meditation Afternoon Retreat
Saturday, 6.January 2018

3-5pm at YOGA PLACE



There is a huge supermarket of yoga out there. You can choose every possible form and style of yoga taught by hundreds of instructors, experienced and unexperienced…

And often people ask me: What kind of yoga do you teach?
I am familiar with many styles and aspects of yoga. Over the last 30 years I have developed my own way of teaching. To put it into few words I would call it:
Hatha Yoga for Body Mind Alignment.
I’m not just teaching postures. I like to focus on the essence of yoga, which is about harmony within our own being and in connection with others. The yoga practice I teach is all inclusive, not just for people who are fit, flexible and strong anyway.

I want to offer an environment which is non competitive, easygoing, meditative and accessible for everyone.
Often people say after a session it feels like their body and soul have been massaged.
I teach in a natural intuitive way and my emphasis is mindfulness, joy and love. 


Sorry there is no more information on this Website, I’m working on a new Website…..